All Good Radio

All Good Radio

All Good Radio

This witty, crazy duo is all about new music, trendsetting and talk—and by talk we mean topics that SHOULD be discussed. Lambert and Jobim are well-trained to show you the other side of the FM that includes mayhem, creativity, and a bit of chaotic laughter here and there. Beware of the one-liners.

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MONDAY MOVIE MAYHEM |  So you think you’re a film buff? Ha! Think again. If you have what it takes to bring home the tix then test your cinephile skills by guessing random lines from some pretty well-known movies.

TEN TOP TRACKS | Stay up to date with only the best indie-alternative music and bands this side of the FM.

WINGMAN WEDNESDAYS |  Having a successful date night out with the girl of your dreams sounds impossible. Text the guys and they’ll let you know how freaking possible it is if you just know the right things to do. It’s the VIP treatment on a cheap budget, just don’t forget to thank them later.

ALL REQUEST THURSDAYS | The ultimate weapon against LSS and the most satisfying way to scratch that musical itch. All Request Thursday puts YOU in the DJ seat. Giving you an all access pass to the entire comprehensive ALL GOOD RADIO music library. Go nuts, because the guys already are.

DOPE SCOPE | Dope scope helps you know where all the fun is, which bands are performing around the city, and other gigs you JUST. CAN’T. MISS.

ON THE RADAR | If you’ve been listening to the same set of songs for weeks, It’s time for some decluttering. On The Radar has a bunch of divergent tunes fresh from the deeper parts of the internet. What are you waiting for man? Get up and jam to your future favorites!