Rock and Roll Machine

Rock and Roll Machine

Rock and Roll Machine

The perfect end of JAM Saturday's, "Weekend Rock Experience," with Cousin Hoagy's eclectic take on Rock and Blues. Yes, a Musical Education and how it fits into the rest of JAM's sound. It's not just classic either and Cousin Hoagy plays the latest releases in the world of music and those that fall between rock and blues.

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Some soul, R & B, world, reggae and  jazz.  Deep cuts to make the listener think and explore all the genres played. To explore the magic and power of MUSIC. And don’t forget our own Pinoy Rock, Rhythm and Blues that he shares from his extensive library collected over the decades of where Pinoy alternative is today and was yesterday. Filipino music not generally heard on the airwaves of Earth.

It really is an education and lesson that Cousin Hoagy shares on JAM 88.3 Weekends, on the FM and streaming to Filipinos world-wide. Hungry to hear from home where 9 pm every Saturday in Manila, is breakfast in New York or tea in London.


Cousin Hoagy

Cousin Hoagy created the show in the early 70’s, and it has been on the air for over four decades. His mission is to share the music he loves, and make a difference in the listeners’ and musicians’ lives.