That After School Special

That After School Special

That After School Special

  • Hosted by:Lianne
  • Schedule:Mon - Thurs. 3 PM - 5 PM
Your brain's probably a pile of mush by the time That After School Special comes on, but that's okay; so is Lianne's! Fight off that late afternoon sluggishness by joining her for 120 minutes of tune and talk. You'll likely fid yourself not only incredibly entertained, but also mildly educated to boot.

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NO AUX CORDS ALLOWED | What better way to start off the show than with thirty minutes of musical gems carefully curated for your enjoyment? No need to stress over how you’re gonna impress your carpool buddies with your music taste— we’ve got your back on this one.

BREAKING NEWS | If your week’s off to a terrible start… Well, you’re definitely not alone, which is why we’ve got a buttload of equally depressing headlines designed to break you— and then make you feel better about your life. Not so sure this is what your guidance counselor meant by looking at the bright side of things, though.

THE YEARBOOK CLUB | Even if your school years are/were mostly filled with embarrassing bloopers you’d much rather forget about, it’s always fun to laugh them off every now and then. Share your stories on The Yearbook Club and reminisce on Tuesday afternoons.

LOGOPHILIA | You may not have turned out cooler than the people you grew up with, but you can always pretend you’re smarter! If you’re looking to seem more intelligent than you really are, tune in on Wednesdays for a ton of weird and wonderful words you can use to widen your vocabulary.

MENTAL FLOSS | You know when you meet a bunch of new faces on a night out and the conversation ends up clearly headed for dead and your brain just can’t think of anything interesting to spew out? Yeah, those silences can get AWKWARD. To the point where you find yourself wishing the floor would just swallow you up already. Just in case, Thursdays on That After School Special feature some fun facts you can pull right outta your pocket.