The Getdown

The Getdown

The Getdown

  • Hosted by:Tino Valentino and The Kondor
  • Schedule:Sat. 1 PM - 3 PM
  • Facebook:@TheGetdownOnJam
The Getdown is a weekly radio show presented by Tino Valentino & the Kondor! your weekly dose of tunes straight outta the funk and soul soundscape from afro funk to acid jazz, neo soul to blue note breakbeats, and everything in between! talking around and about the influence of funk and soul and its definite presence in modern music styles in between playing knockin' grooves from their own record selection.. not as an authority to funk music but as listeners or as Tino would humbly, most accurately call themselves, 'disciples' of the groove fanning the flames of funk. 

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Photography by Joseph Maquirang (@salitanaw)


a.k.a. Anton Santos Saldaña is a Singer/Songwriter/Emcee & Host.  Vocalist for jazz funk fusion hiphop band TUKAR SINATI and front man for the pFunk trio Bábabâ. Most notable as the former lead vocalist for the now defunct OPM funk band COSMIC LOVE. One of the original architects of the pinoy soul movement in the early 2000’s.


a.k.a. Tuts Calinawan is one half of BrgyTibay. Organizing music events and concerts since 2006. Chief music arranger, manager and bass player for Queso. He also plays for hiphop bands Stickfiggas and Sinag. Heavyweights in the Philippine music scene. Tuts has always maintained the heavy influence of jazz grooves on the unorthodox musical styling and chord patterns relevant in Queso’s music. He is also a major influence on street wear and owns two local clothing brands Medisina Clothing, which has been around for ten years and the recently launched False Flag.