Dan Lancaster (https://twitter.com/danjlancaster/)

You ever listen to Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, One OK Rock, and Bring Me The Horizon, and think “Okay, wow. Who produces their music?”

I doubt.

Producers are in charge of making your favorite artists’ music sound like a cohesive song; they’re pretty much in charge of everything, if not most things.  Hence why they deserve as much credit as the artists themselves!

Dan Lancaster is a Grammy-nominated producer based in the UK. You probably know him, probably not. But you can circle back to this article’s title to find out who he is. He produced for Blink-182 & Bring Me The Horizon, among many, MANY other renown artists.

He recently unveiled his first single titled ‘Move A Mountain‘.

“I produce a lot for other artists, and you get to express yourself that but only up to a point,” Dan explains of his solo venture. “I’ve always wanted to put something of my own out when the timing was right. I’d been writing in between projects and started to upload little clips to my Instagram, but the turning point was when I wrote ‘move a mountain’ – then it felt like the start of something and the benchmark for everything to follow.”

Of the song itself, meanwhile, Dan reveals: “It’s about trying to remove thoughts from your head but ultimately having little control over it and the frustration with that. Despite the song coming from a darker place, it was a cathartic release writing it.”

Listen to Dan Lancaster's debut single