Is it a rip off of a rip off? Or do they just have the same chord progression?

We all know Radiohead is sick and tired of ‘Creep‘, their biggest hit from the early 1990s,  but it looks like they still care about it! Apparently, the Oxford-based band is suing Lana Del Rey for allegedly plagiarizing the song.

Del Rey took to Twitter to confirm the news, following a statement saying that the band is demanding 100% of the royalties for her song. Yikes.

It is important to note that ‘Creep’ was also inspired by The HolliesThe Air That I Breathe, and Radiohead were sued for copyright infringement due to obvious similarities. The band, however, admitted to taking the progression from the song.

I guess this is going to be a life-long cycle of musicians suing musicians, sampling each other’s songs and such. Let’s see how it goes 20 years from now!

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