They always find the coolest ways to celebrate their anniversary!

On April 14, 2018, Red Ninja will be celebrating their 9th anniversary! Just like always, the birthday bash will be held at B-Side, The Collective.

Talented homegrown acts such as Assembly Generals, Ben&Ben, Carlos Castaño, Carousel Casualties, Clara Benin, December Avenue, Dicta License, Ebe Dancel, Keiko Necesario, Lions & Acrobats, Oh, Flamingo!, Over October, Pedicab, Run Dorothy, Runaway Crimes, She’s Only Sixteen, TheSunManager, The Morning Episodes, Tom’s Story are all part of the line-up! The tickets are priced at 450 PHP. Ticket bundles are available as well.

The prod previously held a pre-birthday bash yesterday, March 14 at ROUTE 196 with performances by IV OF SPADES, Lions & Acrobats, Pedicab, Mono/Stereo, Over October, Assembly Generals, Tanya markova, and Oh! Flamingo.

Ticket Prices:
Ticket Bundle A: 1 ticket = Php 450
Ticket Bundle B: 3 tickets = Php 1,275
Ticket Bundle C: 5 tickets = Php 2,000
Ticket Bundle D: 7 tickets = Php 2,625

Shirt Bundles:
Shirt Bundle A: 1 ticket + 1 t-shirt = Php 1,100
Shirt Bundle B: 3 tickets + 3 t-shirts = Php 3,075
Shirt Bundle C: 5 tickets + 5 t-shirts = Php 4,750
Shirt Bundle D: 7 tickets + 7 t-shirts = Php 6,125

* Bundle promos end on April 4, 2018. Final date for ticket payment is April 6, 2018.
** T-shirts will be available for pick-up on the day of the event.
*** T-shirt bundles will closed by March 16 and payments will only be accepted until March 19.
**** Tickets on the day of the event will be Php 500 and shirts will be Php 1,000.

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