Just in time for Christmas!

Reese Lansangan finally unveiled the music video for her sad but comforting single For The Fickle!

A couple of days back, Lansangan took to Instagram to share snippets of the music video. And just by looking at the photos, we were certain it was going to be a good one.

#Reese4thMV 🌊 . Dec. 20, 2017

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For The Fickle isn’t about being a grammar nazi, and the music video that came after it is definitely not the usual aesthetic Reese channels in most of her videos—it’s about longing for steady love; not just the half-hearted ones. This could actually be one of the saddest, gloomiest, songs Reese has ever written, and it’s perfect for those who’ll be spending the holidays alone.

I won’t let 2017 end without paying homage to the saddest song I have ever written,” Lansangan wrote in a statement. “As with my more mellow songs, the concept of this video is a bit more free-flowing. I wanted to show people how I deal with sad moments in my life. Sometimes when things get difficult, I find comfort and solace in being alone.

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