This is only just the beginning. Here’s to another year of seizing the music scene!

Photos by Karen dela Fuente

Sandwich is a shapeshifting beast made up of Raimund Marasigan (vocals/guitars), Diego Castillo (guitars), Mike Dizon (drums), Myrene Academia (bass), and Mong Alcarez (guitars). They’re the country’s most distinctive alternative-rock outfit that spiced up the scene, owned it, and turned it into their playground.

It all began in 1998, when a bunch of audiophiles vibed on the same wavelength—they wanted to make songs, they wanted to play them and definitely not just through the aux. These punks were in their respective bands, minding their own biz, and working on radio and in record labels, you know, just the cool adult stuff. Finally, Raimund Marasigan and Diego Castillo decided to fulfil their aspiration of working together—thus Sandwich became Sandwich.

On the same year, Sandwich scored a deal with a record label, which fortunately led to the release of their first ever album Grip Stand Throw, in which ‘Butterfly Carnival’ amped up the airwaves. Their iconic guitar riffs, catchy chants, and sensible performances make for a vicious cycle of being sucked into an abyss of well-written, well-composed, well-sung, and well-thought of music that throws out a sense of freshness and familiarity; a paradoxical cocktail of emotions simplified in the form of their excellency.

Since then, the quintet went on a roll and released eight albums, all of which changed Filipinos lives—everyone was all about their music, and everyone wanted more. Sandwich swept all the awards a rock band could possibly have in Manila, and they were able take their magic all over the globe, from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, London, New York, to Los Angeles.

It’s been 20 years—20 years of mayhem, and 20 years of proving that local bands have the power to spew out great music. In celebration, Sandwich will be holding UNDER THE GLOW OF THE SATELLITE: A 20th Anniversary Concert on April 13, Friday at the Metrotent Convention Center, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Pasig City. The band is also putting out a limited edition 7” vinyl with two new songs – “Time Lapse” and “Parang Walang Nangyari”.

Ticket prices to UNDER THE GLOW OF THE CITY LIGHTS are as follows:

VIP – 900PHP

SVIP – 1,500PHP (first 400 buyers get a limited edition 7″ vinyl record with two brand spankin’ new songs – “Time Lapse” and “Parang Walang Nangyari“)

You may get your tickets here:

Listen to Sandwich's latest single 'Time Lapse'

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