Don’t let the demodogs come up behind you this Holiday season!

Photo: Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo

The vinyl is coming out in three spooky colors with a gatefold piece “Hopper in The Pumpkin Patch,” and cover artwork by Kyle Lambert.

Lakeshore will be releasing an Upside down Inter-Dimensional Blue Vinyl on December 22 (exclusively in North America).

But fret not, if you’re from other parts of the planet, different versions will be launched by Invada which will soon be available for the rest of the world. A standard 180 gram Black Vinyl, a Crystal Clear Vinyl (with blue and white splatter), and a Purple Crystal Vinyl (minus the blue splatter).

Photo: Upside Down Inter-dimensional Blue and Purple Crystal

Stranger Things Season 2 OST Tracklist:
01. Walkin’ in Hawkins
02. Home
03.. Eulogy
04. On the Bus
05. Presumptuous
06. Eight Fifteen
07. The First Lie
08. Scars
09. I Can Save Them
10. Descent Into the Rift
11. Chicago
12. Looking for a Way Out
13. Birth / Rescue
14. In the Woods
15. Digging
16. Symptoms
17. Eggo in the Snow
18. Soldiers
19. Choices
20. Never Tell
21. She Wants Me to Find Her
22. Shouldn’t Have Lied
23. It’s a Trap
24. Crib
25. The Return
26. Escape
27. We Go Out Tonight
28. Connect the Dots
29. The Hub
30. On Edge
31. What Else Did You See?
32. Run
33. Levitation
34. To Be Continued

The opening credits sequence to Stranger Things is legendary. It’s pretty much the only intro we never skip.

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