‘The Kooks is next on stage, and we’re next in line for their interview. Despite the tight schedule backstage, we’ve managed to squeeze in a few questions for Luke Pritchard and Peter Denton before they head on to give everyone good vibes on the first (and rainy) day of Good Vibes Festival.

You used to wear a bunch of hats you when you started…

Luke: There is a story, which is true, which is that Paul and I, our original drummer, walked into a pub in Brighton, and we just walked in and we both had a hat on. The guy in the pub, a promoter, thought we looked cool and liked the hat. He came over, “Oh, I like your hat”… then he said, “Are you in a band?”, and we said yes, then he introduced us to our managers. It’s kind of how we first got found — not from our music but our hats.

It’s been a long time since then. You guys have come a really long way from when you first got found and now you have a ‘Best Of’ album which came out last year. Whose idea was that?

Luke: We got, essentially, offered it. We finished our deal with our record label, and we didn’t want to go back. We wanted to move on basically, and they wanted to move on. They said, “Do you guys wanna do a greatest hits [album]?” Initially we were a bit taken aback by it…

Peter: It turns out, it’s actually quite a big deal.

Luke: …So I don’t know. We just started vibin’ it. At the time, we decided to feel like a lot of these stories on Twitter.  I mean I just kept seeing these people telling stories about songs, and it felt like a good time with the nostalgia going on. It’s been a really great experience actually — touring for our fans; not for ourselves.

Peter: Pressure’s off isn’t it? It’s much more enjoyable. You know why everybody’s there, you know why you’re there, so it’s like a done deal; Plus we’ve got new music coming out so it’s a great way to kind of keep your band in people’s minds.

Do you ever think about coming to the Philippines?

Peter: Well yeah man. As you can see, we’re happy to travel.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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