Marking 25 years since Joey Ayala’s debut in the music industry, a homecoming concert dubbed ‘Mandiriwa’ for the legendary folk singer and songwriter is happening on September 16 at the Music Museum with special guest performances from Ang Bagong Lumad, Bayang Barrios, Gloc 9, Bullet Dumas, Dong Abay and Juan Miguel Severo—a set of different artists from different generations!

Ayala is up and ready to defy the whole Chainsmokers craze by showcasing the complexity of his art, the rurality of his words, and his journey as an artist. Some of the youngsters may have heard of his songs but not Joey Ayala himself, but this month, Vandals On The Wall have finally made it possible to reiterate how successful this man is as a regional songwriter-musician in the Philippines’ music industry by hosting Mandiriwa: Joey Ayala at Ang Bagong Lumad concert.

For tickets, purchase through their website or contact Leah at 0917-878-9803/Music Museum at 721-6726. See poster below for more specific details.

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