Thom Yorke in concert with Radiohead. Nimes, 11 July 2012. Photo by anyonlinyr

This is not a drill. Thom Yorke played a surprise set yet again. But was he really ignored?

Not really, but the audience didn’t know who he was or how to even spell his name right.

In an article published by, the Radiohead genius played a 30-minute acoustic set at a random garden party near his house. A Reddit user’s dad texted him about the appearance, proving that not everyone knows who Thom Yorke is. His text read, “in Oxford at [a] garden party with Suzie’s neighbours, about to hear entertainment from neighbour Tom York of Radiohead!”

Photos were uploaded by the same user, showing Thom in his what seemed to be his most laid-back demaeanor yet. He played several songs, none of which was probably known by his audience, including ‘Desert Island Disk’, ‘No Surprises’, ‘Street Spirit’, and ‘Reckoner’.

All Radiohead fans are aware that this isn’t a publicity stunt, Thom just loves to show up at the most random places. Back in 2014, he played a surprise DJ set at a festival in Cornwall, and his audience then? “half a dozen drunk hippies”.

So it’s really no surprise that he’d show up at a garden party held to celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a bunch of old people who had no idea who he was. At least they knew how to use their phones and record a video, though.

Watch the clip of Thom playing ‘Reckoner’ below: