Step aside Valentine’s Day! Your sappy love letters and waxy chocolates have been replaced with something superior: It’s Sandwich’s anniversary month.

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Posted by <S>andwich on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

If y’all don’t know who Sandwich is, well that explains why you’re having a midlife crisis (even when you’ve not yet reached the middle of your life). Long story short, Sandwich is a shapeshifting rock n’ roll beast that consists of Raimund Marasigan, Diego Castillo, Mike Dizon, Myrene Academia, and Mong Alcarazhas. The band has received SEVERAL nominations and awards all throughout their career; they basically owned the local scene, and honestly, even after 2 long decades, they still do. They’re definitely the OGs.

Back in February of 1998, Raimund Marasigan and Diego Castillo fulfilled their aspiration of working together —thus Sandwich became Sandwich. On the same year, the band fortunately scored a deal with BMG Records which successfully led to the release of the band’s first ever album Grip Stand Throw, in which Butterfly Carnival exploded on the airwaves.

The following year, the 5-piece released their second record entitled Four Track Mind which later on claimed the Album of the Year award by NU107 in 2001.

Due to Sandwich’s success, they were able to release their fourth album Five on The Floor in 2006—the first ever record Raimund wrote as the band’s frontman. The biggest song from the album ‘Sugod‘s music video earned 5 awards at MTV Pilipinas Music Awards including Best Director, Video of the Year, and Best Editing. At the NU Rock Awards, guitarist Mong Alcaraz and bassist Myrene Academia won Best Guitarist in the same year.

The band’s record deal with BMG had to draw to an end, however, they still went forth independently with their music.

Now an independent band, Sandwich celebrated their 1st decade in the industry by launching their latest album <S> Marks The Spot at the UP Fair: 2008 in University of The Philippines-Diliman.

Their iconic guitar riffs, catchy chants, and sensible performances make for a vicious cycle of being sucked into an abyss of well-written, well-compsed, well-sung, and well-thought of music that throws out a sense of freshness and familiarity; a paradoxical cocktail of emotions simplified in the form of their excellency.

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