The lads of Leicester band, Kasabian—named after a member of the Charles Manson cult or also known as the Manson Family—will be rockin’ the airwaves all the way through October! Just in time for Halloween, eh?

Kasabian is this year’s biggest British rock band. I mean, how can they not be? They’ve evolved along with their sound, and we oughta respect them for that.

Now on their sixth record, the four-piece English alt-rock band are currently touring Europe until the final month of the year. In comparison to their previous work, Serge Pizzorno (guitarist/songwriter) told NME that ‘For Crying Out Loud‘ has a much simpler approach. I definitely still remember how rock ‘n rolly (I’m not saying that they’re not rock ‘n roll-y now) their music was 7 years ago.

What I’m tryin’ to say is that you can easily distinguish the changes they made in their music, and hell, I ain’t even disappointed. For Crying Out Loud is less complex lyrics wise, but its euphoric sound and chant-worthy hooks make it hard not to love.

Aitor Throup, visual artist Daft Apeth, and photographer Neil Bedford worked as a team to create For Crying Out Loud’s album art. The artwork features the band’s longtime roadie, Rick Graham. “He says ‘for crying out loud’ quite a lot. He’s an old, cantankerous man, but also the most beautiful man you’ll ever meet.” Pizzorno told NME during an interview.

This month, you’ll be hearing a lot of Kasabian—from their self titled debut album to For Crying Out Loud. Let us know what your favorite tracks are!

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