Photo by Jai Odell, The Last Magazine

Just as I was about to start writing this article, I suddenly remembered that one time myself and a friend found ourselves in the middle of a pretty shallow argument. How do you even pronounce HONNE?

“It’s HOWN!”

“No dumbass. It’s HONEH.” , “”It’s probably HONNYEH, ‘cuz of the double N situation this outfit has going on.” 

It continued to boggle us for days, but not once did we even consider Googling it to save us from the stress. Until today came.

With 5 minutes of research, we finally found the answer.


Spreading incredibly infectious sounds and songs that’ll take you full circle, HONNE—a duo inspired by classic soul, R&B, and sophisti-pop synths—is comprised of two pretty cool romantics, Andy & James. They don’t disclose surnames. 

“Honne” isn’t just any hip name though. It actually describes “the contrast between a person’s true feelings and desires, and the behavior and opinions one displays in public”. Yes, we got that from Wiki.

During an interview with Nylon, the duo was asked to describe the “aesthetic” of their music. In reply, they elaborated a scenario that was best associated with their sound. “We always like to think that you can imagine yourself driving late at night with the windows down, warm summer breeze coming in,” Andy said. “With a loved one,” James added. ” A bit romantic… Hot and steamy,” the other half of the duo said.

Hot and steamy. That’s the pretty much the Big Mood™ of their music—hot and steamy, kinda like a fresh bao bun stuffed with all sorts of goodness.

It’s no surprise so many hearts have been captured right after the success of their debut album Warm On A Cold Night. It’s catchy, but it isn’t brain dead. It’s tender, but it isn’t the icky kind. It’s cheesy, but it won’t make you puke even after giving it 39 listens in a row.

Next month, the British duo will be dropping the follow up to Warm On A Cold Night, entitled Love Me / Love Me Not. The announcement was made in April, in which they promised to drop at least 2 new songs towards the end of every month, leading up to its scheduled release date which is on August 24th. The sophomore record will be released via Atlantic/Tatemae.

Sooner or later you’ll find yourself dancing mindlessly to a song of sweet nothings, and you won’t be complaining about it because you know full well that these guys will help you get by, no matter the troubles of life you may find yourself drowning in.

Just like how The Guardian describes it, HONNE’s songs are sexual, but not sexist, and that’s something we find ourselves looking for in Hot And Steamy™ music. So kudos to you, HONNE! That’s why you guys are this month’s Top Of The Class artist.

Oh, and in case you forget: It’s HAHN.

Check out Honne’s music: