Is it a comeback? Is it a reunion? Is it not? We don’t know. But their shocking ‘comeback’ album is what dreams are made of.

Back in 2011, LCD Soundsystem played a sold-out concert at the Madison Square Garden that was supposedly their last. James Murphy cited that his band’s existence was no longer ‘sustainable‘. After the high-profile breakup, Murphy then made sure to keep himself busy by scoring Noah Baumbach’s film ‘While We’re Youngopening a wine bar in Williamsburg, covering David Bowie songs, and a shit ton of other things that’ll make us feel like turd for thinking we were being productive for taking the trash out or doing ten pushups.

However, the band returned a mere 5-6 years after. For a (loooong) moment there, we actually thought that they were going to be gone forever, but apparently, it was only a semi-permanent hiatus… Or wasn’t it? Rumors from several sources were spread back in 2015, indicating that Murphy was opting to bring the band back to life, and that they were headlining a ton of well-known annual music festivals such as Coachella (which was later on confirmed on January 2016 after a formal announcement from the band). But DFA Records label manager Kris Petersen denied the rumors by writing “Hey idiots, LCD Soundsystem isn’t reuniting. They’re dead, along with your good looks and cultural relevance.

Finally on September 1, LCD came back with a surprising, genre-bending Bowie-infused album American Dream with the help of Columbia Records and DFA Records. All throughout the record, it was pretty obvious that Murphy and co. tried loads of new things, but managed to still keep the signature LCD sound and lyrical depth, proving that the old and ‘new’ LCD is the real deal. The darker tones, new words, lengthy runtimes and aggressive synths are the core ingredients.

LCD Soundsystem’s definitely a great band with great music. And that’s why they’re ruling this month’s Top of The Class.

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