Who is Portugal. The Man and why can’t I stop dancing?

Photo: Chris Kennedy

The independent alt-pop band Portugal. The Man is made up of John Gourley, Zoe Manville, Eric Howk, Zachary Scott Carothers and Aaron Steele, and no, they’re not from Portugal the country. In fact, they’re from Portland, Oregon.

Some of you are probably wondering who Portugal. The Man is and why the hell is he everywhere. I totally get you. Portugal used to be just a country, but now it’s a rebel just for kicks. Puns aside, the psych glitz pop rock quintet have actually been around for quite awhile now, starting 2004—with eight studio albums, four EPs and eleven singles!

‘Feel It Still’—the lead single off of the band’s latest album Woodstock—broke the charts for several weeks and made it all the way to No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Its ’60s-reminiscent vibe is just so hard to hate.

If you think the song sounds familiar, It’s because Gourley found himself playing the Mavelettes’ Please Mister Postman on the bass, and thought that it felt natural. “I had the line ‘I’m a rebel just for kicks’ for a while,” Gourley says. “I tried it with a ton of different … songs, but it just never felt right.”

I wonder what Portugal. The Man has in store for us next year, but for now, here they are, reigning on the Top Of The Class Throne!

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