Sometimes I just want everything to make me feel like I did the first time I listened to Phoenix.

It was 2009 when they released their breakthrough record ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix‘. It was during the days when Spotify didn’t exist and YouTube was a trusted friend. I couldn’t stop singing the words to Lisztomania everywhere I went and the lyrics never really made sense to me but I loved it nonetheless.

Aside from tugging our heartstrings and giving us all sorts of nostalgic feels on empty days or busy noons, why is Phoenix the crème dela crème of disco-rock?

Soon after dropping ‘Bankrupt!’ in 2013, the band immediately worked 8 hours a day to create their 10-track magic, ‘Ti Amo‘. The sixth album is overflowing with romantic Italian vibes, sci-fi synths, galloping bass lines and lofty vocals—everything just sounds so sunny and upbeat, almost like a quirky 70s Italian getaway. Behind the summery good spirits of Ti Amo, however, lies a dark and grim past. Way back in November 2015, Christian Mazzalai (guitarist) was busy crafting the phenomenal album in the band’s studio located a few blocks away from Bataclan concert hall in Paris, where a traumatizing terrorist attack took place on the same night. In the midst of the tragedy, the Paris-based band thought that the world needed a hug to lessen the tension, which makes sense, since their music actually does feel like a pat on the back.

The mid-tempo dance record imposes certain emotions like love, lust, innocence, happiness and all things in between. Next month, the discorock band is set to visit the Philippines to make up for those who weren’t able to make it to their last sold out concert in 2014 at World Trade Center and to give their freshly-recruited fans after the Ti Amo release some of their lovin’. So mark your calendars, ready your greens and catch them live once again (or for the first time) on August 15, 2017 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Grab your tickets at Ticketnet or call 911-5555 for ticket inquiries! For more deets, check out the poster below.

Phoenix Live in Manila official poster

Are you guys going? What’s your favorite Phoenix song?

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