Little Big League‘s beloved vocalist Michelle Zauner is the sole creator and mastermind of the lo-fi indie rock solo project Japanese Breakfast. 2 months after her mother’s death, Zauner released a debut studio album titled ‘Psychopomp‘, featuring tracks that emulated the weight of her pain.

Further to this somber journey, Japanese Breakfast’s sophomore album Soft Sounds From Another Planet lulls and comforts us with its shoegazy, ambient and muted chords, sharp and sporadic noise, muffled drums, and melancholic melodies, bringing much more emotion than the previous album. Zauner’s words and music are born out of grief. Beneath all of this, putting her music out in the world has helped assuage her sadness after her loss.

Road Head is the second track off of Soft Sounds From Another Planet; It was gorgeously reworked from a track from 2014’s American Sound. Its spooky music video was released in advance of the new album and was directed by Michelle Zauner herself with the help of a visual collaborator, Adam Kolodny.

The video was inspired by Fallen Angels and Twin Peaks. Most of her music videos give out a dark—or nearly grim vibe. Still don’t get what we’re trying to say? Here, see for yourself:

According to Zauner’s interview with Teen Vogue, the song was about a man who underestimated Michelle’s music career. “He was just such a toxic person, and I didn’t realize it at the time, because I really loved him,” the singer/songwriter told Teen Vogue, “That song is about how sometimes you try to do something wild … and out of the ordinary, as like a fun, last ditch effort to resuscitate a relationship. And it turns out just being the most sad, empty feeling that makes you realize all the more that it’s not meant to be. I left this person many years ago, and realized just how emotionally abusive he was to me and how much he really kept me back from pursuing my own voice.

Through her records, Zauner’s soft vocals were aimed directly at the heavens and the music gods. Japanese Breakfast is so authentic and pure, we pretty much have nothing to hate. Hear more of her music on Jam 88.3!

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