They’re definitely keen on keeping things bizarre.


Superorganism is a multinational internet-bred, eight-person collective comprised of Harry, Emily, Tucan, Robert Strange, Ruby, B, Soul, and 18-year old lead singer—with an immense amount of brainpower—Orono.

All of the members are hailed from various parts of the Earth. From Australia, Maine, England, to New Zealand. They’re pretty much like a globe in band form. Most of them stumbled upon each other on random music forums. At present, all of them share a house somewhere in East London, working on some new shit we’re super stoked to hear. Well, that’s the internet for you.

After dozens of Skype calls and e-mailing GarageBand mixes from the Atlantic to Maine, Superorganism created a buzz on the interwebs when they ranodmly uploaded “Something For Your M.I.N.D” on Soundcloud. Oh they were hella clueless alright. It took Orono only an hour to write and record the song all while her roommate was in the shower. It soon enough became Rolling Stone’s 25th favorite song of 2017!

“We didn’t start the band with a manifesto,” Harry said in a Skype interview with The Fader. “For us, it was just like, This sounds cool.

Their debut album is set to release tomorrow, March 2nd under the well-known indie record label Domino. “It has stuff about people getting together on the internet,” Emily told The Fader. “It’s about connections — through technology, and with nature,” Harry adds. “That’s a good answer,” says Orono. “Because I was gonna say death.”

Superorganism has a message for y'all!

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