A school marching band gone rogue!

Brighton’s wistful shape-shifting alternative plunderphonics, pop-punk, and hip-hop sampledelia outfit (wow what a mouthful) The Go! Team is the brainchild of the sonic architect Ian Parton. The band consists of Ninja, Sam Dook, Angela “Maki” Won-Yin Mak, Cheryl Pinero, Simone Odaranile, and of course, the main man himself, Parton.

The six-piece outfit have successfully released a total of 5 albums: Thunder Lightning, Strike (2004), Proof of Youth (2007), Rolling Blackouts (2011), The Scene Between (2015), and their latest bizarre creation, Semicircle (2018).

With a lot of effort and thought put into each record, most of their tracks contain top-notch samples, breathtaking girl-group harmonies, seamlessly combined strings, funky pounding beats, and an unpredictable energy that results in a distinctive chaotic sound that makes for a car-chase movie scene.

Known for being the cheerleaders for a better world, The Go! Team is also known for their faith in the power of music.

Ian Parton flirted with the idea of a school marching band gone mental—blasting out bits and pieces from his vast sample libabry, catchy choruses, and a galloping wave of instruments here and there. “I like the swing and the toughness of marching bands, the physicality of feeling a beater walloping a bass drum,”  Ian explains, “but i wanted to reclaim them from patriotic or sporty associations. that was the kick-off for this record.”

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