This month, we sold our souls to Queens of the Stone Age. They released their debut album back in 1998 that brimmed with metal-inflected riffs and a young and ambitious Josh Homme. It’s no secret that their avant-garde stoner rock music was impeccable then, and still is now.

Fun fact: before Queens Of The Stone Age became a thing, they originally called their band Gamma Ray.

The ‘No-One-Knows’ rock ‘n rollers have officially teamed up with ‘Uptown Funk’ producer Mark Ronson for their new album ‘Villains’ that’s set for release on August 25. The band casually teased us with a new track ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me’ in a trailer posted on their website. The album revelation video had a touch of their own classic sense of humor (and obviously Josh’s deadpan aesthetics).

Who knew an alternative rock band would consider partnering up with a producer who has worked with mainstream artists like Bruno Mars and Adele? It may seem frightening at first, but it sure as hell sounds exciting. We’re sure it’s going to be f*cking tight.

They unveiled the upcoming album’s first single ‘The Way You Used To Do’ about a month ago and left us with our jaws touching the ground. The Queens kept to their sound, but they did find a fresh new take on their music.

Loaded with consistently unpredictable twists and turns, garage rock madness, and Homme’s iconic voice and fresh blood, Queens of The Stone Age claimed this month’s Top of the Class throne and you guys are in for an epic August stuffed with the evolution of pure rock ‘n roll!

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