My my my, look how the tables have turned!

2 months ago, Weezer covered one of Toto‘s famous hits, Africa, that left us searching for our nonexistent (or maybe existent for some of y’all) inhalers. To reciprocate the gesture, the latter outfit showcased their own version of Weezer‘s 2001 hit “Hash Pipe” in Vancouver last Monday, July 30.

We figured since we were smoking hash since before they were born, that’s the one we should do,” said Steve Lukather, Toto’s guitarist. “This is our tribute to Weezer, God bless ’em.”

Toto’s keyboardist, Steve Porcaro expressed his excitement to KROQ when he first heard Weezer’s version of ‘Africa’ and ‘ Rosanna’. “We had just gotten back from the road,” he began. “But I was here, home, in my studio, where I’m happiest, and I saw all this action going on with ‘Africa’ — they had released ‘Rosanna,’ they did ‘Africa.’ I sent Luke an e-mail one the road — he was in Europe — I said, “Come on. We gotta return the favor. Let’s pick out a tune and send it right back to ’em.

Okay but can we get one more cover? “Say It Ain’t So”, perhaps?

Watch Toto perform their version of Weezer's "Hash Pipe"