Canada loved and treasured Downie, and he loved it just as much.

Photo: Mike Faille/National Post

The Tragically Hip‘s frontman Gord Downie has passed away last Tuesday, October 17. The statement was released on the band’s official Twitter account and website.

Months after being diagnosed in December 2015, Downie announced his illness. “It is my difficult duty today to tell you that Gord Downie’s brain tumour is incurable,” neuro-oncologist James Perry told a news conference at the time of its announcement.

In light of Gord’s love for his country, the heartbroken Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—a known Tragically Hip fan—released a statement on Wednesday, a day after Downie’s passing. “He was the frontman of one of Canada’s most iconic bands, a rock star, artist, and poet whose evocative lyrics came to define a country,” Trudeau said. “The Tragically Hip’s music invited us to explore placed we had never been — from Mistaken Point to Churchill — and helped us understand each other, while capturing the complexity and vastness of the place we call home,” the statement said.

From years 2001 to 2016, Gord released a number of solo albums, imprinting his success and love on the playlists and hearts of his fans. Gord Downie was not just known for his music. People looked up to him for championing the causes of the country’s indigenous people, social justice and the environment.

Celebrities and public figures have resorted to twitter to convey their pain and sadness upon the late singer’s death.


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