It keeps on getting better and better!

Last weekend, Wanderland posted a short announcement video on their official Facebook page, “unlocking” two new acts!

You guessed it right! The renowned indie-folk nonet Ben&Ben and singer-songwriter Quest will be playing alongside Carousel Casualties, Basically Saturday Night, FKJ, LAUV, IV of Spades, and Irish-based Alt rock band Kodaline!

Kodaline will be co-headlining Wanderland Pixels on March 10, 2018 at the Filinvest City Event Grounds.

5 more acts are going to be unlocked very soon, and we’re freaking out just thinking about all the potential talents that could be part of the lineup!

You can now grab your tickets at

Regular Wanderer tickets: 4,800 PHP

Star Wanderer tickets: 8,000 PHP

Regular Wanderbuddies Bundle (5 tickets): 20,000 PHP

Star Wanderbuddies Bundle: 35,000 PHP

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