WATCH: Jack White’s interview with Metallica co-founder Lars Ulrich

White discussed the controversial banning of phones at gigs, the album with Jay-Z that never culminated, and the nature of this new album ‘Boarding House Reach’.

In case you’ve never heard of Apple’s Beats 1 Radio, and have no clue that Lars Ulrich is now a host of some sort, then here ‘ya go.

The co-founder and drummer of the American heavy-metal group Metallica invited Jack White to his radio show ‘It’s Electric!‘ last month to talk about the recording of his latest album Boarding House Reach and how one of his songs was supposedly for Jay-Z.

The artist also shared how most of his collaborators came from different musical backgrounds, and how they never really met prior to recording. “I wanted to find musicians that backed up hip-hop artists on stage because I thought that was a special musician that can replicate what’s done on a hip-hop track,” White told Ulrich. “I wanted to play with that kind of musician.” Jack White would come across various artists from here and there, all of which were strangers he’s never played with before. “I went right in and started recording songs. Took those same songs to LA and said ‘now you guys play on them.’” Apparently, some of White’s tracks feature like…3 drummers or even 15 different instruments, which says a lot, because Boarding House Reach sure sounds pretty diverse if you ask me.

He never really discussed with any of the musicians he met. None of them knew what he wanted. He just wanted them to do their own thing—pretty much dictate the record on their own. “I never said we’re making a funk record, we’re making a hip-hop record or a rock and roll record,” he said. “I never said anything about what we were doing because I didn’t want to ruin their take on the groove that we had.

In regards to his collaboration with Jay-Z that never really came to light, White mentioned that they worked together a couple years back as they were supposed to do an album together, but “it never culminated.

When White was asked about what his intentions were behind the need to ban phones at gigs, he told Ulrich that it was more of a social experiment, or a performance art.

Find out more about what goes on in White’s mind & watch the full interview below!

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