Witnessing the rebirth of LCD Soundsystem (and the powerful voice and impressive falsettos of James Murphy) was indeed a dream come true; the all new extraordinary album ‘American Dream proves that they never lost a beat.

The signature LCD Soundsystem sound resonated across the studio during the ‘Tonite’ performance: stirring synths, 80s hooks, and words that were greater than the sum of their parts. When James Murphy speaks, the whole music world listens.

It’s a completely new phase for the band,” Murphy said in an interview with New York. “It used to be that the only reason I could allow myself to make LCD Soundsystem records was that I’d be DJing and frustrated that there wasn’t more music that fit the needs of dancing but wasn’t ‘dance’ music – so I made that music. But as I get older I’m more and more at home writing proper songs. There’s something more classic about that, which could be worse or better. For the moment, I like this record more than I like other records I’ve made.

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