It’s 7 years late, but what matters now is that it’s here.

Victor Surge (Eric Knudsen) introduced one of the first few memes in the cyberworld, Slender Man, the internet’s boogeyman, back in 2009.

Children of the 21st century were in for a scarefest, as stories about Slender Man circulated all over Creepy Pasta and even Tumblr. The S-man (no one calls him that but I’m just tryna sound cool) is depicted as an extremely tall, thin, faceless dude in a black suit and a red tie. Years after the creepy meme’s prominence, a freeware indie-developed video game called ‘Slender: The Eight Pages‘ was launched and developed by Mark J. Hadley.

And now here we are, watching a horrifying trailer to Slender Man’s movie. Slender Man is set for a May 18th release via Screen Gems.

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