Plus, you can now pre-order the 15th anniversary edition of “Love In The Land Of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream” + bonus tracks!

For the trio’s 15th anniversary, they headed back to the studio to re-update their debut album, “Love In The Land Of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream“, released in 2003. A couple of bonus, unreleased tracks and maybe even an advance digital copy of their latest single “Lovers Go, Lovers Come” will go with the release of the 15th anniversary edition album.

Orange & Lemons announced on their official Facebook page that they are ‘100% done with recording all the tracks’ and are currently mixing, mastering, and working on some final bits. The 15th Anniversary Edition of their first ever album is now available for pre-ordering at the Pledgemusic site. They will be releasing “Kailangan Kita” this week, along with exclusive behind the scenes footage. A bunch of merchandise and memorabilia can also be purchased through their website.

The band will also be offering private shows and a preview of the album before its scheduled release.

Tune in to All Good Radio tonight at 7 to witness the premiere of “Kailangan Kita“!

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