YouTube is planning to launch a Music Subscription Service in March 2018. Spotify and Apple Music is quaking…Or maybe not?


Top music streaming platform Spotify is still growing bigger than ever. I mean seriously, in this day and age, who doesn’t use Spotify? It’s quick and easy to use. Plus you can still play music without paying a hundred bucks a month. That is, if you don’t mind it being on shuffle. I even made playlists for everything! A birthday party playlist, a shower playlist, a gym playlist, a work playlist, and even a playlist for my funeral.

But this isn’t about Spotify. No, it’s not.

YouTube is gearing up for a paid music service next spring. My thoughts on that? I’m not entirely sure, really. It could either be a huge flop or not, we’ll never know.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube might be launching this to “appease record-indusrty executives”

The Spotify rival is reportedly referred to as “Remix”, Bloomberg reports. It’s set to launch on March 2018. The video-streaming website is in talks with Sony and Universal, and has already secured an agreement with Warner Music, which I think bodes well for YouTube’s upcoming project.


Although YouTube doesn’t have as much success as Spotify in persuading audiophiles to sign up for paid services, they were still able to provide YouTube Red in 2016, letting watchers enjoy videos without the horror of advertisements.

YouTube is trying (and working really hard) to make Remix as big as they are expecting it to be by reaching out to artists to seek their help in promoting the new project.

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