This week on POMP offers up a mixed bag really.  From flashbacks to eerie instagrams and hot rocking scenes. Let’s check what’s on our holy roster.

B-Side with Assembly Generals looks like it was having a good old wild time.  A regram from @chanomnl ‘s (check that out as well) recent post shows us how the group captures the roaring crowds and busts their tracks live.  Follow the band at @assembly_generals


Ever wonder what rock stars do on a Friday afternoon? Well this may give us a clue. F L E A, bassist extraordinaire of the Red Hot Chili Peppers looks like he’s been busy signing some limited edition CD. The back of his head visible with patches of purple in varied shades (why go with one color when you can do several) We’re loving it. But would you dare do it? Interestingly enough the band was stopped in an airport over the weekend to sign posters for another rock band. It’s so true, it almost unbelievable, Check out here:


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Radiohead’s “The Numbers” is on its last leg guys. If you haven’t been following their instagram well now is the time to do it. Directed by Grant Gee and filmed in Port Talbot, Wales it’s a vignette series that as eerie as some of the tracks on  their latest album,  A Moon Shaped Pool.


And finally,

Grace Mitchell’s throw back “four Score and seven years ago” feels more like a flash back to pinup 1960’s. In a cardi, a high waisted ‘kini and those cat eye shades, filtered for dramatic e