“Heemi Lheemey” and Front Lawn Wrestling?

When you invite the Red Hot Chili Peppers into your car, you already prepare for a level of raw energy the band is known to have on and off stage. James Corden of The Late Late Show gives us a 15 minute sample of what it’s like to hang out with the band as he drives them around Los Angeles for the show’s episode of ‘Carpool Kareoke.’  

Everything starts of fairly relaxed, with the band fully clothed and jamming to their critical hits like ‘Under the Bridge,’ ‘Give It Away’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ (that been treated to an impromptu medley of the 1960’s musical Oliver!),  but things start turning for the wild when James Corden coaxes the band to debut one of their earliest tracks.

Entitled “Heemi Lheemy,’ according to Flea, the band’s bassist, they had written the song when they were in their teens while camping at the Serra Nevada mountains and smoking large quantities of marijuana. A riot of a track with rolling melody made up of gibberish, Heemi Lheemy will leaving you pleasantly bewildered about what you just heard and wondering the same as James “[if] that was all they smoked?”

When asked about how the band early memories, Anthony Kiedus, the bands frontman talks about how Flea and him weren’t always friends at the start. Referring to the scuffle the two had before they became friends at Fairfax High. A story that got James to say “I love a good man wrestle!”  developed into a match between James and Anthony on a hapless strangers front lawn.

There’s really too much to unbundle from this awesome episode featuring our Top Of The Class artist for June, so go check out this video:

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